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5/5/19. In a whole church all-family gathering we explore the time when Jesus taught His disciples about humility and trust, genuine faith: “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” » No one will get into the Kingdom of God unless he or she receives God’s salvation like a child—no one!

// Jeff Patterson preaching on Mark 10:13-16 #GospelofMark

4/28/19. A rich young leader approached Jesus asking how he could inherit eternal life. What Jesus told him to do next made him sad. Why?
Does Jesus have the freedom to tell you to do anything? (What’s off limits for you?)

// Jeff Patterson preaching Mark 10:17-31 #GospelofMark

4/21/19. Resurrection Sunday » Once the most confident that he alone would never forsake Christ, Peter denied he knew Jesus, and walked away. The risen Christ tracked him down, transforming Simon’s identity. Peter’s progress comes from being drenched in love.

// Jeff Patterson preaching on the resurrection of Jesus in John 21 #Easter

Early Sunday morning, some of Jesus’s friends set out for his grave to anoint the body of their friend and teacher. When they arrive, however, they are greeted by what one Gospel writer calls “a man dressed in lightning.” He tells them Jesus is not there, as he said. He is risen.

Today we remember Holy Saturday, a moment of pausing and waiting with the first Disciples to see if Jesus’ promises of rising again to life would come true.

Even if we spent every Friday meditating on the significance of that Friday, we still couldn’t grasp the depths of His sacrificial Love. #GoodFriday